Platform Update: Embed iFrames in Mobile Web Pages to Display Third Party Content.

The Update: The most recent update to the Skycore platform is our new iFrame feature for mobile web. This feature allows you to add and display third party websites within your Skycore generated landing pages. Within our mobile web page builder, you add a link to the webpage in the iFrame tab then drag and drop the iframe into the landing page preview area.

The Benefits: The iFrame feature gives you the all the benefits of the Skycore system such as tracking scans and page views, but now with the added convenience of using your own web content.

Avoid uploading duplicate content: We have found that in many cases some of the content that our clients wish to include is content that already exists on their websites. With this feature, clients can drag and drop the desired web page right into the mobile landing pages and combine it with click to call, or Facebook Social Plugins

Update content once: When information on your webpage is updated and it is embedded as an iFrame, that update will be displayed on your Skycore mobile landing pages automatically.

Tap/Scan specific actions: Merging iFrame content with web information is a valuable way to add physical actions to online information. For example, you may add a coupon download, Facebook comment widget or click-to-call button for specific retail stores and be able to display standard product or pricing information from your main website all on one page.

Here is a sample of how to use iFrame with Skycore’s sister product, codeREADr. On this page we have added a logo and click to call button above an iFrame of the website.


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