Platform Update: Download Zip Files of MMS Messages in Batches

The Update: A zip file of incoming MMS messages can be created in scheduled in batches . The zip file will contain all of the content, an HTML file and an XML file for programmatic processing. You can login and download the zip files per the schedule you set.

Benefits of the Update: Customers were asking us for a way to download all of the inbound MMS content efficiently. Creating a ZIP file that contains even a few hundred 1MB images turned out to be  inefficient and slow when done on demand. We therefore created an export schedule that would process a set number of images in a customer defined interval. Each resulting zip files would therefore be under 150Mb each and able to be downloaded on demand our customers. There would be no waiting time for the zip to be generated and all of the content could be downloaded to a third party server without having to use our Postback API. We added an XML file to the export so that when the content is extracted, all of the meta data could also be inserted into a local database.


MMS Inbox Export Files Blog.

Download Page

MMS Inbox Export Files Zips Blog

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