Update: Separated Autoresponder Tab

The Update

We have added a separate autoresponder tab to the Skycore mobile platform. The change applies to messaging and email campaigns. Prior to the update, the autoresponder feature was inside “Message scheduling.” Now the feature is more visible to you.

Benefits From The Update

Autoreseponder is beneficial to a mobile marketing campaign. It allows you to automatically deliver a response to a subscriber who has sent you an SMS, MMS or email. You create the response message before turning the feature on and also have the power to choose the timing of the autoresponse. Meaning you can have your response sent immediately after the user sends a message or delay it by minutes or hours. This is a very convenient way to communicate with subscribers as it is often difficult to respond individually to each message.

At Skycore, we continually test our platform in an effort to make it easy for you to use. We hope you enjoy the update!

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